How to Keep Food Dry in Your Cooler This Summer

How to Keep Food Dry in Your Cooler This Summer

Soggy sandwiches are the best way to ruin a summer day at the beach, campsite, or on the boat. Wire cooler baskets work great for dry storage, but they're not available for many brands and sizes of coolers.

The Lifetime brand, for instance, makes some of the best, burliest coolers out there -- but they don't make any compatible baskets or other cooler accessories. Yes, they are well insulated, but you want your bacon and eggs to stay cold and dry, and it doesn't take much to have some slightly melted ice soak your food to the core. Coleman is another brand that is synonymous with the outdoors, but hardly any of their coolers have a compatible cooler basket. 

For all the coolers that don't have a compatible basket or dry storage solution, we recommend the Cooler Pocket. The Cooler Pocket attaches with ultra sticky adhesive, features strong elastic stitching, and is removable for easy washing after your trip. It can hold an entire loaf of bread or a carton of milk -- much more than your average wire cooler basket, which usually top out at a bag of tortillas and a couple bananas. The Cooler Pocket comes in two sizes. It's compatible with Lifetime, Igloo, Grizzly, Pelican, Yeti, RTIC, Coleman, Canyon, and just about every cooler you could think of. 
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