How to Pack Your YETI Tundra Haul for the Tailgate

How to Pack Your YETI Tundra Haul for the Tailgate

Packing your YETI Haul correctly can make a big difference at your next tailgate. Positioning certain items within the cooler and the order in which you stack them -- can be the difference between broken wine bottles and your best tailgate yet. Here are some tips to make sure your drinks are ice cold and your food doesn't get soggy.

  1. Prep. Warm coolers will melt ice faster than pre-chilled coolers. So you want your cooler to be as cold as possible before loading it up. Bring your Haul inside from your hot garage, and throw a bag of sacrificial ice (or several ice packs) in it, and close the lid. 
  2. Freeze. The night before is also a good time to put your ice pack cooler divider in your freezer. It will be frozen rock solid by the time you have your first cup of coffee. Make sure all your other ice packs are in the freezer, too. You can even pop your cooler baskets in the freezer over night, for a deeper chill.
    yeti tundra haul cooler divider
  3. Ice pack layer. Place the ice pack cooler divider in its grooves first. Then put any additional ice packs on the floor of the cooler. Put a layer of drinks on top of the ice packs, making sure to place any glass bottles toward the wheeled end of the cooler. They'll move around the least amount when the cooler is in motion -- so they won't be crashing into the back wall and risking breakage.
  4. Ice layer. Put a layer of ice over the top of the drinks, until you have about four inches of space at the top of the cooler.
  5. Dry storage. Pack the wire cooler baskets with food, throw them in the Tundra Haul, and get out there already! Those ribs aren't going to eat themselves.

yeti haul cooler baskets and divider




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