How we got started

How we got started

After getting laid off during COVID, I did something I've always wanted to do. I took off for a six-week camping trip with my golden retriever, Sasha, covering 7,000 miles and 11 national parks.

I learned a few lessons along the way:

1. Protect your inflatable sleeping pad from your dog's claws at all costs. I went through three in the first month.

2. Slow your car down to a crawl in those tiny towns along the highway. I got pulled over four times in six weeks. 

3. Find a reliable solution to keep your food cold and dry.  When you're out in the bush for long enough, your ice will melt -- no matter how tough your cooler is.

I couldn't find a dry storage solution that would fit multiple coolers, and could also accommodate a full loaf of bread or a milk carton -- so I created the Cooler Pocket, which would become Above Sea Level's first product. 

Since then, we've expanded our product line to help you get the most out of your cooler -- from cooler baskets to ice pack dividers and colorful rope handles.

Our goal is to make you more comfortable in the outdoors -- so you can camp longer and more often.

Stay dry out there!


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