Why Plastic Cooler Baskets Don't Work

Why Plastic Cooler Baskets Don't Work

Plastic cooler baskets, like the one Yeti made for the Roadie 24, are not your best option for keeping your sandwiches dry and your limes intact. Here are a few reasons why:

- Plastic cooler baskets collect condensation. The air in your cooler will cause condensation to rise to the top of your cooler, because the air is warmer than the ice and cool surfaces inside. When the water droplets get heavy enough, they will drop from the lid of your cooler into the cooler basket. This process happens over and over again, getting your tortillas soggy and your cheese wet - rendering your cooler basket useless. 

- Spoiler alert: plastic is not as strong as steel. Camping gear gets put to the test in the backcountry, and your cooler basket is no exception. Loading up gear, packing up camp, and loading up your (huge) catch of the day -- are all great opportunities to crack your plastic gear. 

- Solid plastic is not optimal for cold air circulation. There's a reason the shelves in your refrigerator and freezer are wire racks. Wire shelving lets the cold air reach your food from all angles -- so that it stays as cold as possible. 

You're better off getting a wire cooler basket for the Yeti Roadie 24. Its grid design allows for drainage, so that your food will stay up, out of the ice, and won't get soggy sitting in condensation. Our basket accessory for the Yeti Roadie 24 is made of burly, powder coated steel -- that will hold up to whatever you throw at it. The tight grid pattern ensures your small items won't slip through the cracks into the ice. We designed this with versatility in mind -- one basket will still accommodate wine or liquor bottles, while two baskets will fit side-by-side for extra dry storage. 

Whatever you do, stay dry out there!


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